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External Wheel Antenna Mod - Installation Procedures

An External Antenna on the drone will drastically increase the RF performance and range.

    Each of the following are a PDF document:   

  1. Main Board External Antenna Mod Procedure    (solder connector onto your AR Drone Main Board)
  2. Wheel Antenna Mast Mount Procedure     (attaching the antenna on your AR Drone)

To purchase a Wheel Antenna Mod Kit, goto: shop.DroneMod.com
       DroneMod.com can also solder the connector onto your Main Board for you.


Remove Main Board

YouTube How-To: AR Drone 2 - Main & Navigation Board replacement

Use a hair dryer to heat the perimeter of the bottom cover. This will soften the adhesive. Start peeling the bottom cover away at the downward looking camera end.


Replace stock bushings with bearings

Replacing the stock bushings with bearings will make for better video (less jello-looking affect) and also reduce the number of bent shafts after a crash

Recommend using Boca Bearings:    Size: 2 x 5 x 2.3     Part Number: #99MR682-ZZ-X10

     Note: Boca Bearings also sells AR Drone Prop Shafts that better-fit the bearings.

YouTube How-To: Install Bearings


Bent Shaft, Broken Propeller, & Gear Replacement

This is the most common repair. ALWAYS keep on hand spare gears, shafts, and props. 

YouTube How-To: Propeller & Gear Replacement


Balanced Props

Balancing the propellers will make for better video (less jello-looking affect) and give better flight performance. 

    Note:  Very much worth doing !

YouTube How-To:  Balanced Props


Straightening the Props

Straightening the propellers can increase in flight performance if they have been noticeably warped.

    Note: This procedure is not needed that often. So don't be so hasty.

YouTube How-To: Straightening the Props


Replace Central Cross

If you fly long enough or daringly, you will eventually break a Central Cross

YouTube How-To: Replace Central Cross


Replace Motor Assembly

Sometimes Motor Assemblies break. Could be a crash or over heating event

YouTube How-To: Replace Motor